A Productive Rant About Bankruptcy Attorney.

You can get into you’re gonna get do as well as you can in your LSAT and you’re going to get some basic training now for myself I have background in real estate I’ve earned a real estate broker license in California I’ve heard a real estate broker license in Arizona I’ve been in the morgue business I’ve been in commercial real estate been in residential real estate.

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So I’ve had a background coming into into my business and the next thing about real estate is it’s not the easiest topic to understand some people may say well it’s dry and technical there’s a lot of Old English terms and concepts and phrases and a lot of people have a hard time Bankruptcy Attorney really even just passing the broker test but you know or you know just a passive get a sales license so.so it’s not the easiest which is great because once you get in not everybody wants to go be a real estate lawyer.

So the more people that aren’t in the business the better for you if you are a real estate lawyer so that’s the basics the general the background putting all that together what’s the day-to-day here’s a type of day-to-day issues we deal with we start with general compliance general business setting up corporations partnerships creating independent contractor agreements helping people sort of get in the on the business side making sure that they’re not classifying an employee and treating them as an independent contractor triggering some wage and hour claims those types of things social media policies brokers policies and procedures.

Bankruptcy Attorney

We’re going to do another tape walking you through our policies and procedures you don’t want to miss that so make sure you bookmark us click up here subscribe if you subscribe you get these things coming to you so you can stay on track okay the general business issues is one thing import incorporating companies those types of things in California we’re doing in corporations in Arizona where they recognize LL as an entity we’re doing those okay so general business law that needs to be part of your background broker compliance this is a big issue.