Dirty Little Secrets About the Commercial Liability Insurance Industry

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Uninsured bodily  injury bodily injury covers the other  person uninsured bodily injury covers  you in the event that the person has no  insurance best way to think of it  hit-and-run someone hit you takes off if  you’re hurt you’ve got some medical  coverage or the cars damaged you’ve got  whatever coverage you selected whether.

And you can do them  Commercial Liability Insurance separately so you can have your bodily  injury at one hundred three hundred and  you can have your uninsured bodily  injury at fifteen hundred so whatever .

you want uninsured in most Commercial Liability Insurance states is  fairly inexpensive just to put mine some states like Florida it’s really  expensive now to be careful some states  are really expensive some states are  inexpensive.

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I’ve seen uninsured motorist  cost fifteen dollars for six months  before check with your insurance agent If you’re doing that Commercial Liability Insurance coverage you know  find out what the cost of just that coverage alone is and if it’s too much  then then kind of figure a different way what I personally do I carry it but.

You  also can get your own Commercial Liability Insurance medical insurance outside of the cars  it’s the only thing you have to be very  very careful is not all insurance  companies your medical like through Work  not all of them cover Commercial Liability Insurance auto accidents if  you’re going to do it make sure you call  them and check to make sure.

That they  cover a car Commercial Liability Insurance  accident okay  there’s also something called med pay  okay medic net stands for medical  payments this is in any event does.